What the Judges are looking for...

David Flood, chairman of the Top Choir Kent Judges, has kindly penned some hints as to what the judges will be looking for:

  1. Choose a repertoire which the choir enjoys and which is comfortably within their grasp: something which shows them at their best.

  2. Encourage the members of the choir to show enjoyment and involvement, even if they are nervous.

  3. Consider your tempos carefully, to give them the sense of security in the performance and allow the singers to give plenty of energy.

  4. Try and rehearse in a big space at some time so that the choir is at ease when they arrive.

  5. Make sure the singers are not worn out: leave some time after rehearsal so that voices are on full form.

  6. Some fun exercises can often loosen nerves.

  7. Enjoy yourselves and remember that slips happen and nobody notices most of them!

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